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SPM COUNTDOWN : 4 days plus minus Holiday ;D
Posted on Monday, October 29, 2012 @ 6:36 PM < 0 jagiya >
asslammualaikum ~ hye guys .
OMG ! the time is suddenly become less and less . Ya Allah ~ gimme more time please ?
guys ,
maybe this is my last post before the SPM . Im little busy , tight schedule ~ -.- like an artist . haha
what should i post as the last post before the SPM ????????
 ok i got it .
a few days ago ~ my class organised a farewell party . or what we call 'jamuan akhir tahun" .
it quite stringy but it is the best party ever .
actually , i moved to this school one year ago . last year on June . I had some childish problem in my old school  . got no friend lah , bla bla bla bla . haha . My mum and dad were so disappointed with my decision .
But yeahh ~ they love me . they just transfer me to this school .
opppss . Forget that grandma story and lets back to the party .
 yeahh its hilarious,fabulous and the foods were also scrumptious . I will never forget the sweet moment with all the crews . Thanks for being my friend . you make me love the school . and my remorse were lost bit by bit . :)
Friend , If you read this post , i want you to know that i love you as much as you love me .
good luck for your SPM and I trust that we can make our school proud of us .
though some unsatisfied people bashing us , hate us , disgust us and so on .
we should show that we were the one who will enhance our school achievement .
Do your best , I will support our class until my last breath .
and to all my old friend , I wish you all the best and Im sure you can do better than me . ;)
also to all SPM CANDIDATES 2012 ! ! GOOD LUCK ! Sorry , im using broken english .

P/S : 사랑해~~ ***Pinjam L kejap eh #TeamBiniBiniMyungsoo , ;D