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Posted on Saturday, January 12, 2013 @ 10:35 PM < 0 jagiya >
 Firstly , I'm using broken english and this post is related with kpopper so only kpopper can understand what I'm talking about .

Hello and annyeong . Guys , GDA is coming so soon . It's pretty exciting but I can't go either GDA nor KLIA . Yeah sad life right ? Wish my place nearer with KLIA so that I can meet them though I can't watch their performance during GDA . Wish is just a wish . The most painful is SHINee is coming too . If you read my blog from the first post you will know why I've labelled it as 'painful' , 

Actually , I always hope SHINee didn't come to Malaysia when I'm still studying in secondary school . And my hope come true . They come when I've finished my secondary school. But , I'm not that lucky . I don't have money , transport and bla bla bla bla to go there and meet them . My hope is useless ~ It's sad ... really sad ... extremely sad ...superbly sad ... Feel like wanna cry . Huwaaaa ~~~ They will arrive tomorrow . with Bitubi .. there ~~ Bitubi back again . haha . Second time in Malaysia . They must love Malaysia so much maybe ~ //I love you more Bitubi\\ . hahaha . I don't really care about you but I love you . *Yewon spoil my love a bit . 

Some advice[warning] : Guys , please watch out your manner and don't touch them too much especially SHINee . Please don't make others unlucky kpopper jealous with you . We are not as lucky as you so please ~~ mind us who didn't get the chance to meet them . I'm sorry but I hope SHINee will use VIP door . It is safer isn't it ?  Bitubi is so friendly with us , Malaysian , please treat them well . More well than before arasseo ? 

Before I forget . Today is 12/1 ...D.O's birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . I don't have something special to give though I've something , I will never get a chance to give directly to him . Forget it ~ Here's a SIGLY poster for you my precious panda . Do Kyungsoo ~~ 

P/S : SIGLY stands for Simple and Ugly . XDD