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Luck please --
Posted on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 @ 2:08 AM < 4 jagiya >
Remember bout my failed JPJ test ? Got retest this Thursday . I mean tomorrow ~ And I was asdfghjkl nervous.I can't do anything except pray for the best and try not to do stupid mistakes like before.I can't 'befriend' with those fool jerk clutch thingy.

Seriously I wanna pass this test ... or else my life will never ever peaceful.I kept thinking about this problem over and over . Ohh please ~ really wannna enjoy my remaining days before continuing my study. pluss retest price is damn expensive !I have to attend  additional driving class , one hour - RM 30 ! ONE hour ONE ONE ! qwertyuiop I'm not that rich okay ~ Awh stressed ! If I can stand beside the Han River and shout out my stress like k-drama~ I'll do it . No nearby river here , longkang adalah.

First test

  1. Bukit - ( PASS ) { PART A 
  2. Side Parking - ( PASS ) { PART A
  3. Tiga penjuru - ( FAIL ; slight mistake ) { PART A
  4. Jalan Raya - ( epic fail ; clutch and gear are my enemy )
why epic fail ?
That cute car stopped in the middle of busy road with such a good manner but kinda 'excited' [kereta tu melompat lompat] KEKEKEKE . My mind was too stress at that time because I failed Part A . so I just decided to let the JPJ tester brought me back to the driving center like a boss . hewhew , I felt like crying but what for ~ wasting my precious tears for unimportant thing. Better I cry for my biases, LOL

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo , I wish I can pass this retest with flying colour . And of course cars clutch gear you three please be nice !

I'll update about this after my retest. hehehe wait ya ~ Pray for my success ! Once fail doesn't mean forever fail right ? Once fail , there's second chance , third chance , forth chance . chanchanchanchanhee ~ XD

Chanhee flirting wink . I should sleep now . Got driving class tomorrow . 2.03am already . class at 9 am. muahahaha . Drive with not enough sleep . err kinda scary ~ ok bye !

p/s : my ugly handwriting . sobsobs . What I wrote ? just  "Chanhee ya ~ Al lab yu [I love you]" .