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Posted on Saturday, May 11, 2013 @ 7:38 PM < 1 jagiya >
Changed skin and song . I'm easily get boring with such things so always change and change and change . Do you know what song is this ? Lagu lama , menggamit memori . Hahaha . SHINee's old song . hmm in SHINee The First Album "SHINee World". One of my fav songs in this album but actually I love all of the songs in this album.

They looked young ! { "Replay" gif }. One day , I wanna see SHINee back with this concept. I miss the old SHINee ~ I knew .. they much better right now . Proud to see them successful . Tak lama lagi SHINee's 5th Year Anniversary, this 25/5 . SHINee always First though I'm so into others rookie groups lately. Haha . Rookies can't grab your place in my heart , don't worry . You are the reason why I'm a kpop fans. opss ! why I'm talking about SHINee ? -,-

Yeah bout my retest last Thursday . Berjalan lancar , and yeah PASSED already ! I'm freeeeeeeeeeeee ~ Kekeke. No more driving class and whatever test . I'm totally free -----

Today is the most lucky day for those k-fans ( Korean fans ). Why ?
  •  2013 Dream Concert  
  • Teen Top No.1 Concert in Seoul . 
oh my ~ jealous ok jealous . Untunglah k-fans .. Aigoo  Teen Top aa~ hwaiting ! This is their first solo concert . woohooo-- chanhee new blonde hair ! They posted a lot of practice picture on twitter and facebook . haiss ~ mental breakdown .

There are a lot of artists attended the dream concert include SHINeeB2STINFINITE2AMU-KISSZE:AGirls’ GenerationKARA4minute,T-araSECRETSISTAR, B1A4RainbowHuh GakGirl’s DaySPEED, BTOBEvoLVIXX and many more. EXO too ~ of course with their MAMA . haha . ppali comeback exo ya ~ . No live streaming if I'm not wrong . *stream in your dream guys* XDD
Idk what to write more so see you in next post . Bye . Luff ya !